What Instagram Emoji Really Mean
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What Instagram Emoji Really Mean



You can now use Instagram emoji hashtags that make it easy to share your mood with a simple emoji instead of a longer and harder to type hashtag. Let’s be honest typing out #gorgeous is a pain in the but, but now you can just use a new Instagram emoji hashtag to tell people the same thing.

On first glance the Instagram emoji options look just like the emoji you see in text messages and on other social networks, but when you add a hashtag in front of it you are tagging the photo with that emoji and you can then search through other Instagram emoji hashtags.

What Instagram emoji mean, and how to use Instagram emoji hashtags.

What Instagram emoji mean, and how to use Instagram emoji hashtags.

This isn’t as big as when Snapchat killed the Best Friends feature to add Snapchat emoji, but it is still a really big deal.

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Here’s what Instagram emoji mean and how you can use Instagram emoji hashtags on your photos.

How to use Instagram Emoji Hashtags

It is easy to use Instagram emoji on your photos, and surprisingly they work just like a regular hashtag.

1. You just need to take the photo you want to share or pick one from your gallery.

2. Make the edits you need to make and apply any filter.

3. Enter your description and then type a # sign and directly after it the emoji. You can add multiple Instagram emoji to a photo, just add another # and the emoji right after it.

This is what an Instagram Emoji hashtag looks like.

This is what an Instagram Emoji hashtag looks like.

4. When your description looks similar to the above image you can complete any other sharing and hashtag options and then share your photo.

What Instagram Emoji Mean

The Instagram emoji look just like the emoji you normally use on your iPhone or Android device, but the team at Instagram discovered what the emoji really mean by analyzing how users enter them and what words surround the Instagram emoji hashtags.

Popular Instagram Emoji Meanings

You can use any emoji as an Instagram emoji hashtag.

You can use any emoji as an Instagram emoji hashtag.

According to the Instagram team behind this feature, there is a specific meaning to many of the emoji that we use. By combining the Instagram emoji usage with the words surrounding the emoji the team is able to deliver an english translation for the emoji. Here is an inside look at what the Instagram emoji really mean.

  • 😂 (ranked 1st in emoji usage): lolol, lmao, lololol, lolz, lmfao, lmaoo, lolololol, lol, ahahah, ahahha, loll, ahaha, ahah, lmfaoo, ahha, lmaooo, lolll, lollll, ahahaha, ahhaha, lml, lmfaooo
  • 😍 (ranked 2nd in emoji usage): beautifull, gawgeous, gorgeous, perfff, georgous, gorgous, hottt, goregous, cuteeee, beautifullll, georgeous, baeeeee, hotttt, babeee, sexyyyy, perffff, hawttt
  • ❤ (ranked 3rd in emoji usage): xoxoxox, xoxoxo, xoxo, xoxoxoxo, xoxoxoxoxo, xoxoxoxox, xxoo, oxox, babycakes, muahhhh, mwahh, babe, boobear, loveyou, bunches, muahhh, muahh, xoxox, muahhhhh
  • 👍(ranked 9th in emoji usage): #keepitup, #fingerscrossed, aswell, haha, #impressed, #yourock, lol, #greatjob, bud, #goodjob, awesome, good, #muchlove, #proudofyou, job, #goodluck
  • 😭(ranked 11th in emoji usage): ughh, ughhh, ughhhh, ugh, uggh, ugghh, ughhhhh, ughhhhhh, ugggh, lolol, wahhhh, rn, oml, uhg, agh, xc, omgg, omfg, omf, lololol, whyyy, loll, wahhhhh, tooo, kms
View and search by Instagram emoji hashtags.

View and search by Instagram emoji hashtags.

  • 🙌: #waitonit, #justwaitonit, #wonthedoit, #nuffsaid, #yeslawd, #youtherealmvp, #stayblessed, #thatisall, thou, #enoughsaid, leggo, #onlythebeginning
  • 👯: #sistasista, #sistersforlife, #sistersister, #bestiesforlife, yearsoffriendship, #sisterfromanothermister, #morelikesisters, #bffl, #bestiesfortheresties, #bestfriendsforever
  • 💃: #birthdaybehavior, #bdaybehavior, #tu, #ladiesnight, #turnuptime, #dontmissit, #bdaycelebration, #piscesseason, #bethere, turnup, #grownandsexy
  • 🎅: merry, christmas, #merrychristmas, #christmas2014, #christmaseve, #christmastime, xmas, eve, #santa, claus, #happyholidays, #xmas, clause, reindeer, pesach
  • 🇺🇸 : merica, #godblessamerica, ‘merica, #murica, #merica, #hooah, #america, #specialforces, #supportourtroops, #goarmy, #redwhiteandblue
  • 🇫🇷 : paris, france, #eiffeltower, #paris, #france, louvre, italy, #montreal
  • 🇯🇵 : #japan, #osaka, #kyoto, #japanese, japan, taipei, osaka, beijing, taiwan, tokyo, #日本

That’s not all, the team was able to look at the hashtag usage of internet slang and of emoji to discover that while the slang usage declined, but in the past several years emoji use skyrocketed.

Instagram Heart Emoji Meaning

When it comes down to deciphering what the heart emoji means on Instagram or anywhere actually, it can be tough to do. By applying the same analysis the team was able to discover that there is real meaning behind the different color emoji hearts. Here’s what they mean below.

  • 💙 – ❤️ ~= #goblue, #letsgoduke, #bleedblue, #ibleedblue, #worldautismawarenessday, #goduke, #beatduke, #autismspeaks, #autismawarenessday, #gobroncos, duke
  • 💚 – ❤️ ~= #gogreen, loyals, #herballife, #happysaintpatricksday, 🍏, #stpats, 🍀, #jointhemovement, green, #hairskinnails, #happystpatricksday
  • 💛 – ❤️ ~= 🌱 ,🍊 ,#springhassprung ,🔆 ,#springiscoming ,#springishere, #aprilshowers, #thinkspring, #hellospring, 🌻, #wildflower, #happyearthday
  • 💜- ❤️~= ✨, 🌀, 🔮, 🌟, 💄, 🎀, faldc, 💎, brassy, topaz, peachy ,purple, #thinkpink,☁, sparkle, 🌿, shimmer, sparkles, kaleidoscope, periwinkle, 🍄, greenish
  • 💖 -❤️ ~= gorl, 💮, cwd, s4s, aynmalik, spvm, ulee, 💧, 🈹, yulema, sfs, bvby, ɑnd, indirect, priv
  • 💗 -❤️ ~= ulitzer, 🎀, peachy, february’s, tulle, mackz, kendall’s, curvy, faldc, #dancewear, strapless, 👗, ◽, floral
  • 💌 – ❤️ ~= 📫, ℹ, 📬, 📮, ✉, 📩, 💳, 💻, 📦, paypal, 📧, item, ⏬, 📱, inquire, orders, payment, 📄, 📋, 📲, deposit

Instagram is available for iPhone and Android and it is a free app. You can share your photos on Instagram and on other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and others. For more advanced use, check out how to add quotes to Instagram photos.

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