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What iPhone 2.0 means for current iTouch.



Apple’s recent announcement of the upcoming iPhone 3G is great news for people looking to go with AT&T or people who have already have an iPhone.  The 2.0 firmware will bring a few advances such as implementation of support for Microsoft Exchange E-mail and the Apple approved application store– rather than which is used on Jailbroken iPhones/iPods.  The upgrade to firmware 2.0 will be free for current iPhone owners.

I love my iPod Touch.  I use it for my calendar, to make notes for myself, to time my workouts, mobile Internet surfing via Wi-Fi hotspots, and the list goes on.  I was drawn to it primarily because of its ease of use, small size, and outstanding battery life– compared to most notebooks.  When it comes to being mobile, the iTouch delivers and meets my needs.

The options for current iPod Touch users looking to upgrade are to pay $9.95 and receive the official update from Apple or be stuck with what you’ve got.  Of course, I’m sure many will continue to use and jailbroken iPods to access and get the newest applications.  I’m also sure people will find "alternative ways" to get their iPod Touch to 2.0.  The downside of these ways, besides possibly being illegal, are that your warranty will be voided if you jailbreak your iPhone/iPod Touch.  If you don’t know what you’re doing you might be stuck with an iBrick– an iPhone or iPod Touch that is dead.

TUAW is reporting that the date for firmware 2.0 release is July 11th and also reporting that developers need to submit applications by July 7th. 

Read more about the iPod Touch from Apple.
And even more: A FAQ from Computerworld about Firmware 2.0.

Hit up the comments and express what you will do to get your iPod Touch to 2.0.

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