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What iPhone SE Storage Size Should You Get: 16GB vs 64GB



If you only want to stream videos, send texts and browse the web a 16GB Phone SE is a viable option, but for most users a 64GB iPhone SE is a better choice. Upgrading the iPhone SE storage allows you to make sure that you have enough room for the 4K videos, Live Photos, big apps like games and storing movies or music locally.

Unlike Android smartphones the iPhone SE storage size you choose is the storage that you are stuck with until you buy a new iPhone. Yes, you can store some things in the cloud and buy some external cases that add storage in some capacity, but for the most part you need to live with the storage you buy.

What iPhone SE storage option is right for me?

What iPhone SE storage option is right for me?

The Phone SE offers only two options, instead of the normal three, but that’s OK since most users will gravitate towards one of these options.

iPhone SE Storage Price

The iPhone SE Storage you choose is the only difference in price when you compare the 4-inch iPhone. The 16GB model is $399 off contract and the 64GB iPhone SE is $499. That’s a $100 difference off contract and on a two-year contract.

If you choose to make monthly payments you only pay $3.30 more a month over two years of payments to quadruple your storage.

Make sure you consider what you will need to spend on online storage if you buy a cheaper 16GB iPhone SE. You may need to go for 50-200GB of storage for your photos and backups, which means $ to $3 a month. If you need to spend $2.99 a month on cloud storage the upgrade to a 64GB iPhone might be just right.

Photos & Videos

The biggest thing that new iPhone buyers underestimate is how many photos they will take. This is especially true if you are upgrading from an old smartphone or a flip phone that takes poor photos.

If you plan to take a lot of photos and videos, you will want to upgrade.

If you plan to take a lot of photos and videos, you will want to upgrade.

Many 16GB iPhone owners quickly run into errors that they run out of space due to photos and videos taking up space fast. This is especially true if you have a kid or a pet that you take tons of photos and videos of.

4K videos take up 375MB of space per minute you record. Live Photos take up around 6MB of storage each.

  • If you plan to take a lot of photos and videos you need to buy the 64GB iPhone SE.
  • if you don’t plan to take many photos at all, you can likely get by with the 16GB iPhone SE storage option.

Music & Movies

Users who plan to watch movies on the iPhone SE will want to invest in more storage. The 16GB iPhone SE storage option will only hold a one or two iTunes movies while leaving room for apps and games. Unlike the larger iPhone 6s Plus, not everyone will want to watch a movie on this smaller screen.

If you store music locally so you don’t need to stream music while on the go, you may want to upgrade to 64GB of storage as well.

  • Users who stream music and movies for most of their media usage can get by with a 16GB iPhone SE, everyone else should invest in 64GB.

Apps and Gaming

After photos, movies and music - games are another major item that can take up your iPhone SE storage.

After photos, movies and music – games are another major item that can take up your iPhone SE storage.

iPhone apps and games can take up a lot of storage space on the iPhone. The iPhone SE is powerful enough to handle any game on the App Store and run the most popular iPhone apps.

Several games we have are over 1GB in size, while most productivity apps are much smaller.

  • Users that plan to use productivity apps and casual games can likely get buy with a 16GB iPhone SE.
  • Anyone that plans to play graphically intense games will want to invest in more iPhone SE Storage.

Which iPhone SE Storage Size Should I Get?

There's no upgrading iPhone SE storage later.

There’s no upgrading iPhone SE storage later.

If you can afford the extra $3 a month the 64GB iPhone SE storage option is the best all around choice for buyers. This will ensure you have enough room for a movie, a lot of photos or videos and room for apps.

For anyone who absolutely cannot spend the extra $100 up front or $3 a month, the 16GB iPhone SE will work if you can stick to streaming music and movies, only taking some photos and videos and you don’t plan to play big games on the iPhone.



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