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What is Apple Music Classical?



Apple Music Classical is a new iPhone app and service that is designed to immerse users in classical music.  Apple Music Classical makes it easier to experience music from classical composers, conductors, and artists in a dedicated app.

Apple released a short ad that sums up Music Classical well and makes classical music look a lot more dynamic than it some might consider.

What’s Included with Apple Music Classical?

There are more than five million tracks in Apple Music Classical, which Apple claims is the largest classical music catalog in the world.  Like other streaming services, Apple Music Classical is curated with Editor’s Choice playlists and offers exclusive albums.

Apple Music Classical SearchApple appears to live up to its claims of having a thorough catalog. Searching for some rather obscure artists and tracks in the app instantly brought up the exact matches.

Apple Music Classical includes high-quality audio, up to 24 bit/192 kHz. That basically means that it will max out your AirPods capabilities. For the best listening experience, some of the more modern recordings include support for Dolby Atmos and Spatial Audio, technologies that attempt to make it sound like you’re surrounded by music and actually in a concert hall.

Apple Music Classical Search

Searching for classical music is quite different than searching for the latest hits. That’s because the compositions are relatively static, but there are countless variations of the masterpieces.

How much does Apple Music Classical Cost?

Apple Music Classical is included with Apple Music, which means you don’t have to add yet another streaming subscription if you want to use the new app. Apple isn’t exactly known for offering a ton of freebies, but this makes sense considering it would be essentially double charging customers for music if it charged extra.

What iPhone and Devices Does Apple Music Classical Run On?

Apple Music Classical will run on any iPhone with 15.4 or newer. Unfortunately, Apple does not have an Apple Music Classical App for iPad, Apple TV, or Android. The company did say that an Android version of the app is coming soon however.

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