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What is iOS 7?



If you haven’t already received a notice to update to iOS 7 on your iPhone or iPad you will likely see a small pop up notification sometime in the next day or so, which will lead many users to ask, “What is iOS 7?”

In the following iOS 7 explainer, we will share what iOS 7 is, what it does, what devices iOS 7 works on, and pretty much everything else you need to know about iOS 7.

The short answer is that iOS 7 is Apple’s latest software update for its mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The longer answer is that iOS 7 is a completely new way to use your iPhone and iPad, complete with features many users have asked for continuously.

We explain What iOS 7 is, and what you can expect when you install it.

We explain What iOS 7 is, and what you can expect when you install it.

Check out the sections below that explain the different parts of iOS 7, and include links on how to use iOS 7 on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

iOS 7’s New Look

One of the biggest changes in iOS 7 is the overall design and look of the software. Users will reboot to a completely new lock screen, new icons, new features, changes in how to do tasks and more, but the thing we keep hearing when we show iOS 7 to users for the first time is how different it looks.

While change can be bad, many of the users we showed iOS 7 to like the new design and are fans of the new icons and colors. Even users who had mixed reactions are coming around to iOS 7’s new look after a few hours. It’s important to take a good look because there is no way to downgrade from iOS 7 to iOS 6.

iOS 7’s New Features

Apple packed over 200 new features into the iOS 7 update, but many of these will be behind the scenes changes that users won’t notice. There are at least 50 iOS 7 features you’ll actually use and there are a handful of really great new iOS 7 features that will change how you use your iPhone and iPad.

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The video above showcases the best iOS 7 features, from Control Center and Spotlight to Siri and much more. Check it out and then look at the collection of IOS 7 How To Guides below to learn more about popular iOS 7 features.

Wait for the iOS 7 Update

The iOS 7 update is available now, but the first group of users are reporting issues installing the iOS 7 update on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch thanks to so many users attempting to install the iOS 7 update at once.

We typically tell users the iOS 7 update will take about half an hour to an hour, but users are reporting waits for 2-3hours for the file to download and encountering numerous update errors.

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The iOS 7 download may take a while.

The iOS 7 download may take a while.

Because of this we recommend most users wait until later today or Thursday to install the iOS 7 update. Apple is also working on further iOS 7 updates which could fix any bugs that might otherwise slow down a device.

Users should also check to make sure any apps they cannot live without are ready for iOS 7 by checking for updates or searching “App Name iOS 7” to find out if anyone is having problems. Most apps are getting updates today, but even some major apps aren’t going to get an iOS 7 update for weeks.

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