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What Is – CNBC showing Origami??



Lora Heiny over at pinged me a bit ago with information that CNBC was doing a spot on Origami. Lora recorded the audio and trancribed it on her blog here. Here is a bit of the full story you can see on Lora’s site:

“Intel showed Ultra-Mobile PCs — codename Origami — to CNBC today. Here is what they said:

A highly anticipated device from Microsoft called Origami. Jim Goldman is holding a working Origami prototype, which our viewers are getting an exclusive first look at. There it is right now. That would be it on the left. Jim’s on the right. Jim, tell us about it.

Indeed you’re right, William. We are here in San Francisco at Intel’s Developer Forum. 5,000 developers looking to see the latest and greatest from Intel and they need look no further than this.

This is what Intel calls the Ultra-Mobile PC or as many of us have grown to know it over the past several weeks, the Origami. A handheld computer with a large screen. Microsoft and various other manufacturers will be unveiling their versions of this Intel prototype this Thursday in Germany, but this gives you an idea of just how big or small, as the case may be, this device is. It’s basically a complete personal computer running on an extremely low powered chip, so it’s got really long battery life. It does everything your computer at home would do: download video, music, email, Internet connection. This is what every body is talking about”.

UPDATE: Full video of this report can be found here! (Thanks Aaron Axvig for the tip on the video!)

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