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What Is Your “Go Back and Get It” Device?



Picture the following: You are in your car about to leave and you suddenly realize that you forgot your “device” . You stop and think: “Do I need it enough to go back and get it?”.  That scenario was posed to us during the February 2006 Microsoft Mobility Partners conference, where the groundwork for the Origami / Ultra-Mobile PC platform was introduced,  and I wrote about here and here. It was that kind of device the UMPC  is aiming to be long-term.

So, GBM readers and Tablet PC / UMPC community: What is that “Go Back and Get It” device for you? Is it your cell phone, your smartphone, your UMPC, your tablet pc, your “whatever”?  Why is it a “Go Back and Get It” device for you? Does it currently exist for you and your work / personal needs?

Post your thoughts – we’d love to hear from you! I’ll post my thoughts on the issue as a follow-up article, and tell everyone what device fits that scenario for me and what currently doesn’t fit that scenario.

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