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What kind of Tablet PC does an MVP buy for his family?



As some of you might now, my family was recently blessed with the addition of two new children: my nieces from Mississippi, ages 6 and 11. I traveled to Mississippi a couple of weeks ago to pick them up and they are living with us indefinitely. So, that raises the number of children in my house from 4 to 6.

Besides the need to look at a new vehicle that seats 8, clothing for the girls, and all that goes along with bringing two new kids in to the house, we also have a need to get at least one more computer. We homeschool our children, and the older kids do a lot of their school work on the computer.

My requirements:

  • Low cost ( under $1400)
  • Convertible Tablet PC
  • DVD / CD ready
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 14” screen
  • Will handle Vista well

Bottomline: you cannot beat the prices and features of the Gateway CX2724 at Best Buy; plus,  I can go in and pick one or two up TODAY for $1249 each. That is a a heck of a price considering the feature set and the CX2724 makes for a fantastic notebook with Tablet PC features. I’ll also be installing NetNanny on the computers as well for Internet monitoring.

Why not the Toshiba R25 from CompUSA at $1299? I like the screen on the Gateway much better. It doesn’t have the graininess that the Toshiba’s are known for. Plus, I can save $50 each.

So, a little insight into my picking a Tablet PC for my family….


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