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What makes the LS800 a usable tablet pc for me?



I’ve really fallen in love with this LS800. As nice as the tablet pc is, however, there is one accessory that makes it usable for me: the bump case. Without the bumpcase and the integrated stand, I think I would just be a frustrated slate user and end up having to send it back. The stand makes it very usable for me because I can quickly prop it up, hook in my lenovo usb keyboard, and get to work – no loss of productivity (see video review) and no fumbling around. I’ve tried the motion wireless keyboard, but I much prefer the lenovo usb one. It just feels so much better and is a quicker setup.

How could Motion one-up themselves on the bumpcase? Integrate a stand into the back of the tablet pc – just like we see on the Samsung Q1 UMPC. I know that would put a dent into their accessory sales, but it sure would be a nice enhancement. 

The other accessory that will make this much more usable for me will be the new extended battery. If I hadn’t had an opportunity to use the extended battery and I didn’t already know that it was coming (May 5 btw), I might be tempted to send it back. I miss the long battery life.

The bumpcase stand and the upcoming extended battery really raise the bar for me on the LS800. Were it not for those two things, I’d only be using the X41. As it is right now, the LS800 is garnering much more of my mobile computing and tablet time due to its’ portability, unobtrusivness, and flexability with the stand.


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