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What makes you a good Road Warrior?



DSC00513 One of the terms bantered about quite a bit lately is the term “Road Warrior”. Often we ask what makes up a good Road Warrior; what makes them effective; and most importantly what hardware do they carry? I know this year more than any other I have been on and off planes, and waited in countless airport lounges. The one thing that has come of all this is that I have started to redefine the way I see mobility and the way in which I interact with it.

One of the criteria for true mobility I find important is size, and more exactly…weight. By keeping everything small I have been able to carry more hardware, and be more effective more often. A big difference from everything I carried to Beijing earlier this year!

Here are my top five mobility needs:

  • Battery Life
  • Car charging abilities
  • Outdoor Viewability of screen
  • Connectivity
  • Size (includes weight)

Here are my favorite Gadget Bag accessories

  • Triplet car charging adapter
  • Battery charging adapter (allowing me to charge batteries separately from device)
  • Extended Battery
  • My DoPod 838pro HSDPA phone (for phone calls and modem connectivity)
  • My portable mobile phone charger

Even after trying the Raon Digital EVERUN (InkShow coming next week) and the Samsung Q1 Ultra I still can’t help to believe that the OQO 02 is the best Mobile PC on the market.

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