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5 New Products to Expect at the iPad Mini Event



On October 23rd Apple is hosting a special event where the company will likely announce the iPad Mini, a smaller iPad, and a collection of product updates.

The event’s tagline, “We’ve got a little more to show you.” points to the iPad Mini, but that’s not the only new product we expect to see unveiled on stage.

The iPhone 5 launch in September originally looked good for several products, but Apple limited the announcement to the iPhone 5 and the new iPod Touch. Now, as we approach the holidays, Apple is likely to announce a number of new products that consumers can buy within weeks.

iPad Mini

The star of the show, and the given product announcement is the iPad Mini. This new iPad is said to use a smaller 7.85-inch display with a 16:9 aspect ratio like the iPhone 5. The iPad Mini leaks show smaller bezels on the side of the device, much like the iPod Touch. This more portable iPad could also carry the iPad Air name.

iPad Mini Size

The smaller iPad Mini is likely to arrive on October 23rd.

Leaks point to three to four storage capacities for the iPad Mini, but don’t agree on the option for a 4G LTE model. The iPad Mini leaks look thinner than the New iPad and may include a rear facing camera. We expect the iPad Mini to arrive with the new Lightning adapter for charging and syncing.

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The iPad Mini could go on sale as early as November 1st, which would put iPad Mini pre-orders on track for the day of the event or later that week.

New iPad with Lightning

It also looks likely that Apple will announce an update to the New iPad, adding the Lightning connection found on the iPhone 5 and expected on the iPad Mini.

new iPad lightning

A new iPad with Lightning adapter is expected.

Apple typically updates the iPad in March, but it makes sense to move the iPad to the Lightning connection as soon as possible to help spur the accessory market. This move could also help holiday iPad sales as users may feel more confident the iPad won’t be out of date in a few months.

Apple is not likely to announce a complete overhaul of the device or new storage options for the iPad, but there’s always a chance for a Sprint iPad 3rd Gen with LTE option.

13-inch Macbook Pro with Retina Display

The long rumored 13-inch Macbook Pro with Retina Display is also a possibility for the iPad Mini launch event. After the launch of the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, Apple looks ready to add the pricier, pixel-packed display to the smaller MacBook Pro.

This option would likely command a significant price premium, in the neighborhood of $400 based on the current model. For the higher price, users would receive a higher resolution display, a slimmer form factor and give up an optical drive.

MB Pro Retina Display vs MBA

The MacBook pro with Retina Display is rumored to go smaller.

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If Apple introduces the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display it could go on sale before the end of the day.

iMac with Teardrop Shape

Apple could also unveil a new iMac at the event with a new teardrop shape design, no optical drive and updates to the latest processor options. The current iMac is 532 days old, almost double the longest gap between iMac announcements.

Cult of Mac shares an image of what the new iMac could look like, and shares details about what potential buyers might expect on a new iMac.

iMac TearDrop at iPad Mini Event

Rendering of what a new iMac may look like.

The new iMac may not ship with a Retina Display, but it will possibly borrow the technology used to create a thinner display on the 15-inch MacBook pro with Retina Display. Combined with the lack of a DVD drive, users could see a slimmer shape.  The best bet is for the latest Intel third generation processors.

New Mac Mini

The iPad Mini event could play host to the new Mac Mini as well. 9to5Mac says sources point to a new Mac Mini with updated processors and the addition of USB 3.0 to the small desktop.

There’s no word on a new design, but the current unibody aluminum look isn’t out of style yet.

Adding to these rumors is the invitation to Cnet’s Rich Brown, who typically only receives invites when Apple plans to announce a desktop product.

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