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What to Do If You Forgot Your iPhone Passcode



Here is a guide on what to do if you forget your iPhone Passcode.

Due to the fact that we use our smart phones for so many important daily uses such as banking, online shopping and business operation, security is absolutely necessary.

The front gates of every iPhone is a passcode (if enabled) and is usually the stopping point for any security breach.

However, there is often a time or circumstance when you are the phone trying to get back into your own phone and the passcode is not functioning. There a few steps to take if you find yourself locked out of your iPhone before you have to immediately lose all your information

What to Do If You Forgot iPhone Passcode

Here is a guide on the steps to take if you forget your iPhone passcode.

Watch the video above to learn what to do if you get locked out of your iPhone Passcode.

Attempt Any Recent Codes

Hopefully you are forgetting your passcode because you recently changed it and you just are typing in the old code. If this is the case and the phone is currently restricted in any way due to too many attempts, wait for it to refresh and try your new code.

If you share the device with any family members or friends, inquire if they changed the passcode. There have been many times where children have inadvertently (or purposefully) changed or added passcode, often causing quite a panic to their parent.


Ensuring that the code has not been physically changed is a good first step before jumping to any fixes.

Restore to Previous Backup

If the passcode issue just recently happened, if may be a good idea to attempt to restore the device with iTunes and load a previous backup from the computer or with iCloud.


If you are using iCloud to backup your phone, you should have a fresh backup from the last 24 hours or so you could attempt to use. iTunes also logs backups by date so if you have backed up with your computer, check for a date you are sure the passcode was functioning.

If you are able to get into the device after restoring to a previous backup, you should ensure that you make another backup soon now that the device is functioning again.

Restore Phone

Due the passcode being a security measure, there is no way to remove the passcode through conventional means. If the phone was jailbroken, there may be a work around yet most iPhone users do not have a jailbreak currently loaded on their device.

The only way to resolve a passcode if any previous methods have failed is to completely restore the unit. This is what Apple Stores and other service providers will do if presented with a locked device. By plugging the phone into iTunes using Recovery mode, the unit can be restored to reset the unit without needing the passcode. All data will be lost and not recoverable.

Restore Phone

This security feature is to protect personal data in the event of the phone being stolen and is not able to simply be unlocked or removed. The importance of backing up your iPhone information is evident in the times when the phone may need to be restored for a reason such as this.

Using iCloud or iTunes on a consistent basis will ensure no issues if the phone ever needs to have its data erased or is lost or stolen.

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