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What Was the Best Tech Gift You Got or Gave?



It was a wonderful Christmas at the Bushway home this year. We kept it really small, giving our kids one to two presents each, and it was one of the best decisions we’ve made in quite awhile.

We took advantage of that special $99 Zune offer that Amazon and were running, and picked up brown Zunes and colorful cases for our kids – they love them! So yesterday, I spent the afternoon getting them charged, synced, converting movies, and all that jazz. I do have a tip for parents who got their kids Zunes: erase the device before doing the sync. The Zune comes with a lot of pictures, videos, and music that you might not want your kids to have, especially if they are under 10.

So, what was Christmas like in your house? What as the best tech gift that you got or gave?

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