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What Would an Apple Tablet Look Like?



Apple Mac Tablet Contest It sure is nice to dream, right? Well, here is your opportunity to show everyone what you think an Apple should look like: should it be a slate, a convertible, a hybrid? Touch only? Touch / Active? What features should it have / not have?

Here are the details on a contest Gizmodo is running on such an opportunity. I know we have some cool artists out in GBM land ( JKK being one of them ), so get Photoshop loaded and get to work, k?

Following in the footsteps of our own master photoshopper and his Apple Tablet concept, we want you, our readers, to give it a shot as well. Submit your photoshopped concepts for a possible Apple Tablet and what you think/want it to look like.

Will it have a keyboard hidden underneath? Will it look like the iPhone? Will it have straps so you can keep it on your person at all times? You choose! Just submit your entries to [email protected] with the subject “Apple Tablet Contest”, and we’ll feature all of them on Giz come next week. We’ll present the person who made the best design with a nice *cough* *inaudible*. Get to it!


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