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What Would You Like To Be Doing With Your Tablet?



Following on from this discussion of the Tablet needing more pen-abled applications I have some questions for you.

What would you like to be doing of your tablet that you can’t today? 

Which existing applications would you like to be tablet aware? 

How would you like to be using ink in those applications? 

What tasks would you like to be using your tablet for if only you could find the right application?

Here’s some of my thoughts to get you going:

  • I want per application, customisable gestures.  Sort of like a cross between StrokeIt and Vista’s Flicks.  I want to have lots of gestures like StrokeIt, but I don’t want to have to hold down a button to tell the machine that I am gesturing.  It should just know like Flicks.
  • I want to be able to sign an XPS document.
  • I want to add tags to my photos by writing on them as I view them.
  • I want an application that lets me do a quick blog post in ink and posts it as text.  (I tried, but never finished BlogPad).
  • I want to be able to mark things like outlook tasks or tasks in a Project Plan complete just by drawing a line through it.

More thoughts?

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