What’s Coming with Google Wave

googlewave I’ve been down and out the last two days as I underwent a scheduled medical procedure. (Nothing urgent of threatening.) While recovering yesterday I tried to do some catch up on some news that had happened during the previous weeks while I was insanely busy running back and forth between two theatres directing two shows. One of the things I wanted to catch up on was Google Wave. Thanks to several sources I was able to spend some of my recovery time finding out a bit about Google Wave. Some call it ““what email would be if it was invented today,” some say it is the next big thing, some call it ““Gmail on crack..” Combining real time communication, email, and social networking, from what I’m seeing, Google Wave will change things in a big way once it comes out of private beta and starts splashing around. The real time features of Google Wave promise to be something that will change the way we interact and collaborate on the web in a big way.

If you want to find out more, there’s a lengthy video of the demo from Google after the jump (It runs about an hour and 20 minutes) and it makes for some intriguing viewing. There’s also a series of questions and answers in this Lifehacker post. Mashable also has some good info.