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What’s In a Name? Maybe a New Break



roses2There’s some curious reporting from The Inquirer that Microsoft is going to change the name of Windows Mobile to Windows Phone once 6.5 rolls out. I’m sort of with Harry McCracken in that I’m not sure if this will really be the case or not, but many publications are now jumping on The Inquirer report as fact.

Of course changing a name for a product can work wonders if done well. But a rose is still a rose. Just ask Joby, which changed the name of the GorillaPod Go-Go to Gorillamobile in what seems to be a successful renaming and relaunching, given that most folks have bought into the newly named product as something new. A name change can totally shift fortunes, but then many have already derided Windows Mobile 6.5 as being late to the party and are more interested in seeing with Windows Mobile (or Windows Phone) 7.0 has in store. .

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