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What’s the Worst Mobile Tech Video You’ve Ever Seen?



There have been are a lot of good mobile tech ads over the years, but we have seen a lot of awful ones as well. My friend Avram from Laptop Mag posted his seven least favorite, including a couple that I haven’t seen before.

The netbook bubble popped over a year ago. Some people blame the demise of the netbook on the introduction of thinner notebooks, slow processors and the introduction of the iPad. But ads like the above ASUS gem couldn’t have helped things too much.

One of my least favorite mobile tech ad campaigns is the one that Microsoft used to launch Windows Phone 7. While a lot of us can relate to using our phones too much and at inappropriate times, Microsoft’s suggestion that WP7 would help us use phones less doesn’t make a heck of a lot of sense. Avram agrees and included it on his list. Head over to his article to see the rest of his least favorite tech marketing videos.

What’s the worst tech commercial or marketing video you’ve seen? We could always use a good laugh…or cringe.

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