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What’s your ideal mobile photo setup?



Photo of me taking photos

Photo of me taking photos

Mobile tech enthusiast, semi-regular ink blogger, and regularly fun all-format  blogger Jezlyn  posted a big, beefy write-up of her “ultimate” wireless photo upload setup on Late to the Party. It’s an epic  tale of triumph and tragedy  as she  pits  her photographic steel against  an Eye-fi wifi SD card, iPhone, Nokia N95, Sony Ericsson P1i, and even a few cameras  as she seeks  an ideal photo system that incorporates great photos, on-the-spot editing, and uploading from anywhere. The quest  concludes with some ideas for a fantasy set up that  speak of  a mighty hero (the MiFi mobile hotspot) and a creature of myth (the long-whispered Apple tablet).

Jezlyn is a bit more into photography than I am. Okay, a LOT more into it. Working  with RAW images and on-the-spot editing are well above my concerns. Aside from  adequate quality, all I really want is geotagging, because I’m really bad about doing my own metadata (and I’ve been spoiled by the tagging in my iPhone 3G), and the ability to email photos. I suspect most people aspire for something between my meager desires and Jezlyn’s lofty heights. What say you?
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Xavier Lanier

    07/07/2009 at 12:21 am

    My new mobile photography setup:
    1) Nikon D300
    2) Eye-fi Card (takes care of geo-tagging)
    3) Viliv S5 w/Google Picasa for light editing
    4) Sprint MiFi to upload pics, transfer to S5 for quick edits
    5) Canon Powershot for quick snapshots and so it’s easier for family, friends and strangers to take quick shots.
    6) iPhone 3GS for really quick workflow, but compromised shots.

    All of this works out ok for casual shooting, but if I want to take hundreds of pics I prefer to do my editing on a full-sized notebook, use a high-capacity CF card and edit w/ Photoshop CS4.

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