What’s Your Mobile Speed?

Recently I gave up my Sierra Wireless PC card in the name of getting rid of a bill.  I have a phone and a plan that allows me to tether for a 3G connection so why have both?  Yes, the PC card is more convenient being in the computer at all times, but for the ~$60 bucks a month is it really worth it?

Last night I was doing a little speed test from my computer and I was really impressed with the speeds! These results are from my AT&T Tilt…  Well, kind of – I flash it with a new ROM about once a week…  There are some amazing cooks over on XDA-Developers!

This is a speed test on HSDPA on the AT&T network – Not bad if I do say so myself!!

tilt speed test

What kinds of speeds do you get while you are mobile?  Do you use some type of card or do you tether?

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