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When a Tablet PC Comes In Handy



I’m at the Unified Professional Theatre Auditions for a few days of auditions and interviews. One trend noticed last year was the number of folks using computers (mostly Macbooks intriguingly) in the theatre to take notes. This year at the first company briefing the auditors were asked not to use computers if there typing on a keyboard would prove a distraction to those adjacent to them. After a few groans we got under way.

Although I don’t use my Tablet PC or UMPC to take notes during auditions, (they move too quickly and it is easier and simpler to go analog and jot notes on the resume), I pulled out my Thinkpad X60 for a bit of email checking during a particularly non-thrilling group of auditions. It was great to know that I could work away and not be accused of disrupting my neighbors.

Of course the inevitable round of questions (What’s that?) followed on the next break. So maybe I was just a different sort of distraction.

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