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When it’s good to have a Tablet PC and WWAN



From my earlier post, you can see that I went to the ‘Ready for a New Day’ Microsoft Office 2007 / Exchange 2007 / Vista events that are touring around the US.  What I didn’t tell you is that I got the e-mail about the event this morning.  Luckily, the convention center is right across the street from my office (you know, the ‘real’ job) – and that convention center is where the event was taking place.  What do I do??  I figure I will walk over there and snap a couple of picture for the site and post them up – and I did.  I also asked the information desk if there were any openings – NO.  I was put on a wait list and I think I was number 38 on the list – then told to come back about 10 minutes before the session started. 

I show up about 15 minutes before the start time and there is a big cluster of people standing around the information desk – you know, the other 37 people ahead of me on the wait list….  As we are sitting there people are coming up to the desk saying “It let me register this morning, here is my ticket”.  Then the lights went off in my head and pulled out the Toshiba M400.  Take note that this was done while standing in the crowd of people while in slate mode.  I started up 3G Watcher and hooked into Cingular’s HSDPA high speed internet.   I went to the registration site and signed in with my passport account and I was almost there – would it let me in??  IT DID!!!  I registered  for the event and walked up past the group of people (the other 37 people that didn’t have Tablets PC’s and a WWAN card) to the information desk.  I said “I still let me register for the event and here is my confirmation number, does this work” – I proceeded to hand her my tablet that was in slate mode – she confirmed my number and I got my pass to get into the event.  I was getting mixed looks when I walked back past the other people standing there…  some were looking at my M400 and others were giving me “that look”.  Needless to say, it was a great time and I actually learned quite a bit from the time I was in there.  I did the ‘developer track’ and would recommend it to anybody that is near one of these events.

Oh, and if you haven’t been to the site – I did get my free version of Office 2007 with Groove for attending the event!!

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