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When Loren Heiny plays around, cool stuff happens!



Loren Heiny (Tablet PC Developer Extraordinaire), pinged me today to see if I had seen the little video he put up on Tablet PC Post. I said no, and promptly went to check it out.

VERY cool. What he has done is basically put an ink overlay on top of Internet Explorer with some context awareness, and allow you to ink “directly” into a normal text box in IE. It looks at the location of the ink and derives the right box to reco into. There have been a couple of attempts to make IE ink aware, but with little success. Looks like Loren and crew may make a good stab at it! Head over to Tablet PC Post and check it out, and stay tuned here to for updates on this! By the way, if he names this product InkInTheBox, it was my idea!! Loren actually blogged about it here

Is this something you are hungry for? I AM.





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