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When Reliable Methods Fail On The Road



I’m away on a family trip this weekend and as usual I’m carrying my mobile kit with me. Normally when I head to Chicago and family visits, I’m ready to get on line using the Sprint Mogul and EVDO to connect as my family members have yet to enter the WiFi age. (Don’t ask, the stories and arguments are too complex to being chronicling here.)

This trip so far though has been met with connection frustation. I use Sprint and have had very little problems in past trips over the years hooking up the phone via BlueTooth or USB to cruise the web and get email. So far though on this trip, I’ve had very little success with Sprint’s EVDO. I’ve gotten sporadic off and on connections using the Mogul as a stand alone, and hooking it up to the Tablet PC has been an exercise in frustration.

Although this morning (as evident by this post) things seem to be working as per expectations. I’ve talked to Sprint’s customer service and they see nothing wrong on their end, and I’ve managed to hit a WiFi hotspot at the local Whole Foods, so things were reliable on that end, so I’m chalking this up to an anaomly somewhere along the line.

Of course that is frustrating when your “old reliable” method doesn’t live up to expectations. Sprint’s EVDO has served me well in the past in a number of situations. I just hope that this is the anomaly that I think it is.

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