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When Technology Fails…



Today I had one of those heart-stopping technology moments. I went to boot my trusty Fujitsu P1610 and it bluescreened. No biggie – that happens. Then I rebooted. It didn’t even get through the first Windows splashscreen with the progress bar. Another bluescreen. Didn’t work in safe mode, reset with removing the battery, nothing. I suspect it is related to the driver I installed yesterday for SDHC support on the SD reader.

Luckily, I have a second partition on my laptop. I was doing a bit of limited testing a year or so ago and created this partition for testing, then abandoned it. Today, it saved my skin. I booted to the second partition and I’ve been able to get back up and running within an hour or so. I downloaded a couple of my top used free tools like Windows Live Writer for blogging, and away I go.

Once I get back home I’ll figure out what went wrong, but I’m just glad I can continue using my Tablet PC for the next couple of days!

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