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When The Relatives Go WiFi The Fun Begins



Well this was a nice Christams surprise. When we got to our first stop in Chicago (there are many) we were greeted with the usual family fun, and new addition. The in-laws have added a wireless network to the house, which makes communicating and working much easier while we are crashing at their house.

Of course that’s not where the fun started. When we tried to log on, we were asked for a password, which was freely given. Until we found out it was the wrong one, and that no one in the house remembered it. So, being the dutitful son-in-law that I am, I had to open up the router’s settings and change the password. Which necessitated a guessing game until we came up with the one that had been put in originally.

And of course, after getting that taken care of, I spent some time looking at the two new laptops that have shown up at the house. Let me rephrase that. I spent some time removing CRAPWARE from the two new laptops. My goodness, these things were bogged down. Everything is running smoother now and I’m some sort of hero for showing folks a few lessons on a few things. But hey, that’s a geek’s job at the holidays when visting relatives.

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