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When will they ever learn….



I came across this article today from talking about TabletKiosk’s new Sahara i400 series Tablet PC.

Here is the statement that caused me to shake my head:

Unlike a laptop or even a standard PC, a tablet PC isn’t meant for traditional PC applications like Web surfing, but it’s ideal for going from room to room and running applications like a home theater or even your lights, heating, and A/C.

Not meant for traditional PC applications like web surfing? I don’t know about you, but I find that I enjoy using my tablet pc the most when I’m sitting back on the couch in tablet mode surfing the web. Why is it that folks still think that Tablet PCs are not meant to run traditional applications? Slate Tablet PCs and convertible tablets running in tablet mode shine with applications like that.

Oh well. I’m glad to see them point to the Sahara Tablet PC and talk about some additional ways that a slate tablet pc could be used.

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