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Where and How Do You Prefer To Watch Your Movies?



HomeTheatre1_midrezYesterday Apple surprised no one with their announcement that they would now make new movie releases available on iTunes the same day as the DVD release. That will certainly have an impact on NetFlix and Blockbuster, not to mention the postal service. In the continuing evolution of mobile entertainment we already have witnessed the decline of the local video store. Sooner or later we’ll see DVD releases and digital releases happening the same day as films hit the theatres. I know for some watching movies on a portable device works like a charm (I only do it when I’m traveling) and others despise watching films on a small screen. I know there are quite a few folks that are using Windows Media Center and Apple TV to watch their favorite flicks on their set at home.

So here are some questions for my curious noggin. Where do you prefer to watch your movies? How do you prefer to get your content? Digitally? Physical media? Do you buy or rent? Does having a new title available digitally affect your viewing habits?

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