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Where Are the Black Friday iPhone 4S Deals?



Are you excited about the iPhone 4S? You’re not alone. Are you hoping to buy an iPhone 4S on Black Friday? You’re also not alone.

Will you be able to score a great iPhone 4S Black Friday deal on November 25th? Not a chance.

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The iPhone 4S is an incredibly popular phone. It’s one of a few smartphones people will actually wait weeks to get.

Unless you find an iPhone 4S at a local store, you are looking at 1-2 weeks of waiting after you place your order.


Black Friday iPhone 4S Deals

iPhone Black Friday DealsThere is a ton of interest in iPhone 4S deals this year, but that same huge interest will actually work against Black Friday discounts. When you include the late launch of the iPhone 4S, you can write off the possibility of finding an iPhone 4S cheaper than $199 on Black Friday.

Last year we saw several iPhone Black Friday Deals, dropping $100 off the iPhone 4 and $50 off the iPhone 3GS, but these deals were on refurbished units. Because the iPhone 4S has only been available for a little over a month, there is not the same availability of refurbished iPhone 4S models available.

If you do go out looking for an iPhone 4S deal on Black Friday, you may see some retailers use common Black Friday Ripoffs to make you think you are getting a good deal. Be on the lookout for bundles you don’t need.

Black Friday iPhone Deals You Will See

The iPhone 4S is too new to get a price drop, but if you are looking for an iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS, you may see some deals. AT&T already offers the iPhone 3GS for free with a new two-year contract, so you don’t need to wait for Black Friday to find a deal there.

iPhone 4 Black Friday Deals

What you may find though, is a bunch of Black Friday deals on the iPhone 4. The starting price for the iPhone 4 on AT&T, Sprint and Verizon is $99 for the 8GB model. This price might be up for a small discount on Black Friday. We may also see refurbished 16GB iPhone 4 models get a price cut, to $99.

Before You Buy an iPhone on Black Friday

If you are looking to score an iPhone deal on Black Friday 2011, your best bet will be to purchase online. Going to the store on Black Friday is absolute chaos, even at small locations. Plus you have to deal with a very limited stock and long waits in line.

Be sure to read Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Smartphone on Black Friday before you start planning your Black Friday shopping trip.

Other than that, you can expect some Apple Black Friday Deals, but not to the extent other retailers will be cutting prices.

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