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Where did you Ink today?



Thought it would be fun to see a day in the life of a tablet pc user from our readers.

So the question is: Where did you Ink today?

Me? At 5:30 am, I was at our kitchen bar reading news in Onfolio, drinking coffee. Then by six, I was down stairs working out in our weight room – doing all my notes for my workout in ink on my tablet pc using OneNote. By 9:00, I was at my office programming all day – tablet in dock, alternating between pen in mouth and pen on screen (nobody else does that, do they). I then had a meeting in my office that I spent in tablet mode taking notes, drawing diagrams of web site layouts.

By 4:00, I was at home working on my next InkShow: ActiveInk Forms.

Half my week is spent in the above example – the other half is spent on the road, meeting with clients.

So, where did you Ink today?

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