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Where Is My OneNote 2007 Printer?



Send To OneNote 2007 Printer Want to know the best way to make a Tablet PC note-taker angry? Take away his ability to print to OneNote, that’s how. Yep, I’ve been pretty frustrated the past couple of weeks, as I somehow deleted my Send To OneNote 2007 printer. I use that printer throughout the day, often marking up printed documents, so being without it has really handcuffed me.

I searched and searched for a way to reinstall the Send To OneNote 2007 printer, but came up completely empty. I tried repairing Office 2007 ( which includes OneNote in my case ), and that didn’t work. So tonight, I performed one final search and hit the jackpot over at TabletQuestions.

Donato had been running in to a similar problem as mine and found that one of his PDF printers had been inadvertently assigned to the Send To OneNote printer port. So, I looked through my PDF printers and found that my Quickbooks PDF Converter printer was assigned to the Send To OneNote port – ah hah, the offending culprit. I reassigned it to the PDF Xchange port, ran another repair on Office / OneNote, and my Send To OneNote 2007 finally reappeared!

If you suddenly find your Send To OneNote 2007 printer missing, take a look at your existing printer and port assignments.

The reward for finding that missing printer is priceless!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. wangood

    11/25/2008 at 6:38 am

    we can find send to onenote 2007 in vista X32bit so far, and the port information was just "send to onenote port (local port)"
    and we can not find the port on vista X64bit, and have once try to use a local port to config the onenote, but seems failed

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