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Where to Buy Chromecast



With Google having now formally announced its third attempt at bringing its services to the living room, many users are looking to get their hands on Chromecast, the device that allows users to stream content to their televisions. As the initial stock seems to be rather low, it’s best that users who want the device as soon as possible order now.

Google’s own Play Store is the first place users should look. According to its updated shipping instructions, users can pick up the $35 dongle there now, though they won’t actually receive the device for another three weeks, at the very least.

Netflix streaming to a television set using the Chromecast device.

Netflix streaming to a television set using the Chromecast device.

Chromecast is also available today on  Users who order the device now will get free shipping when Amazon is able to fulfill their orders. Currently, the site is sold out, but it will automatically fulfill user’s orders as it gets more stock in. The device is eligible for Amazon’s Prime shipping program. Amazon will also allow users to gift-wrap it in the event that the device is a present for someone else.

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BestBuy is completely sold out of the device online, and isn’t offering it in any of its retail locations, as of today. When it does return, BestBuy will offer users free shipping and 5% back if they use their Best Buy Rewards card to make the purchase.

Remember, users who purchase Chromecast now will get access to the Netflix video streaming service free, for three months. Each Chromecast will ship with a power adapter, USB cable for powering the device, the device itself and an HDMI extender. The HDMI extender will allow users to plug in the device to televisions that might not have enough room to around their HDMI port to plug Chromecast in directly.

Theoretically, users who don’t have a television with a HDMI port will have to purchase HDMI adapters to use Chromecast, however there is no predicting how well a setup like that might work.

The updated Android applications that allow users to connect to Chromecast are already available in the Google Play Store. These apps include Netflix, Google Play TV & Movies and Google Play Music.

In addition to allow using to stream media to their television, users can also browse the web using Chromecast and a device running the Chrome web browser.

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