Where to Buy an Original iPad Mini
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Where to Buy an Original iPad Mini



Apple recently discontinued the original iPad mini and is no longer selling it in online. Here’s where you can buy one instead.

The first-generation iPad mini isn’t a fantastic tablet by today’s standards, but it paved the way to the current design that all iPads use now, and some consumers want a low-cost tablet even if it means performance will take a slight hit.

The original iPad mini was a weird release for Apple. It didn’t come with a Retina display at a time when high-resolution screens were the norm for Apple, and it came with last-generation internals at the time, arriving with an A5 processor while the fourth-generation full-size iPad got a bump up to A6X on the same day. It didn’t quite make sense, but it seemed that Apple was merely experimenting with a smaller tablet at the time.

However, the first-generation iPad mini is still loved by many users, even if it’s now discontinued. It makes for a great casual tablet for reading, browsing the web, and checking email, and its low cost makes it the cheapest iPad you can buy.

Plus, the smaller tablet will be able to run iOS 9 when the new version releases in the fall, so the original iPad mini still has a bit of relevance in 2015, even though Apple is no longer selling it.

Despite the first-generation iPad mini no longer being available for sale on Apple’s website, here are some places where you can still grab one if you’re wanting to spend as little as possible on an iPad.

Apple Refurbished Store

While Apple ¬†doesn’t sell the original iPad mini in its main store, it still sells refurbished units. You can get one for as low as $209, which isn’t a bad price to pay for a refurbished Apple product.


Apple refurbished products are some of the best around, and while they were once used models that broke at some point, Apple fixes them up by putting in an all-new battery and a new aluminum shell.

Frankly, it’s like they’re brand new, and many users won’t be able to even tell the difference.


Since the original iPad mini is discontinued, very few places will have new units in stock. Therefore, it’s best to focus on buying a used model, which will cost much less than a new one anyway. For this, eBay is one of the best places to shop.


eBay’s user base is so large that there are constantly numerous listings coming and going for the original iPad mini. Eventually you’ll find one in the color and storage size that you want.

Be sure to read the description carefully and take a good look at the photos so that you aren’t getting ripped off. Otherwise, figure out a price you’re willing to pay and try to snag one for really cheap.


If online shopping isn’t quite your cup of tea, then Craigslist might be better for you. Instead of buying online, you can meet up with the seller of an iPad mini and inspect the item yourself before you hand over the cash.


One thing to keep in mind, though, is that it’s really easy to rip someone off with Craigslist and get away with selling a stolen iPad, so be sure to check the device’s Activation Lock status and see if it’s not already associated with an iCloud account. If it’s not, you’re most likely in the clear.

Craigslist can be great, but you just have to be careful and make sure to meet up in a public place and make sure you’re not buying a stolen iPad.


Perhaps what’s considered to be one of the lesser-known options, Swappa is a great online marketplace where users can buy and sell their old devices, including original iPad minis.


The great thing about Swappa is that it’s regulated by its staff members, and they require sellers to verify their devices that they’re selling to make sure they’re not stolen. This means that while anybody can sell their old iPad, Swappa makes sure that it’s a legitimate sale and no one is trying to rip people off.

You can also find some great deals on Swappa, thanks to the heavy competition from other users looking to sell their old iPad mini.


While Gazelle is most known as a trade-in program for getting quick cash back when you trade in an old smartphone or tablet, the service also sells pre-owned devices.


You can get an original iPad mini for as low as $179 through Gazelle, and just like with Swappa, you’re guaranteed not to get a stolen iPad when you buy, making it another safe haven when buying used gadgets.

It’s certainly one of the cheapest options when it comes to buying an original iPad mini directly from a company, rather than from an individual.

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