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Where to Get a Cheap Xbox One



For a lot of people, there’s nothing better than settling down in front of their television and enjoying a video game or two. It used to be that buying consoles like Microsoft’s Xbox One was something only the self-described hard-core gamer did.

There’s a separate group of console buyers growing in numbers though. They might play a game or two, but what they really value is the Xbox One’s entertainment features. They want to be able to stream video through the console’s wide variety of apps. It’s not that they aren’t interested in games, they just aren’t necessarily dedicated to them as much as they are entertainment in general.


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Regardless, there are a lot of users wondering where they can get a cheap Xbox One console. At first glance, Xbox One prices are still holding steady, but there are some notable deals available too.

Where to Get a Cheap Xbox One – Buy New

Logically, the first thing that comes to mind when you’re looking for a cheap Xbox One is buying used. Buying used is how millions of people a year can afford last year’s new iPhone or this year’s must-have smartwatch. Buying used is great, but investigate buying a cheap Xbox One fresh from Microsoft’s factories first.

With the Xbox One, Microsoft uses software and hardware bundles to lure in owners of its Xbox 360 and Sony’s PS3. By offering bundles with the latest games, Microsoft makes it much more cost effective for users to get into its ecosystem. One side effect of this is that Microsoft often has a new hardware and software bundle coming and another on its way out of the door. This process is why Sam’s Club has the cheap Xbox One bundle that doesn’t involve buying used.

Until May 2nd, Sam’s Club Warehouse stores are offering Microsoft’s Xbox One standard edition console for $299. It’s the lowest the Xbox One has even been priced. It’s cheap for two reasons. First, it lacks the Kinect 2 sensor that allows the Xbox One to identify people in a room, communicate with televisions and pull of motion-controlled gaming. Second, it doesn’t come with any free digital games like the current bundles do.

Xbox One Sam's Club

Regularly, the cheapest Xbox One console is $399, but Microsoft cut prices on all of its bundles earlier this year. The Xbox One without a Kinect 2 sensor with free games is $349 on Microsoft’s website and just about every retail store. Purchasing a version with the Kinect 2 sensor is $449. Free games are included with that version too.

Where to Get a Cheap Xbox One – Buy Used

If you’re really dedicated to buying a cheap Xbox One you have to look into buying used. Like cars, smartphones and tablets, that’s where the best savings and the most risk is.

Places offering the best prices on second-hand Xbox One consoles have names you’ve already heard of. A check on eBay showed the Xbox One selling for as little as $325 without a Kinect 2 sensor.

GameStop offers the Xbox One with no Kinect sensor and no free games for $319.99. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing their refurbished Xbox One with Kinect since it still costs $449, the same as an Xbox One with Kinect brand-new. GameStop allows you to trade-in your old hardware and games towards the purchase of your Xbox One too – which is very important.


You have to take into account what you’re getting with these used Xbox One consoles. GameStop insists that it tests every used system it resells backs to users for defects and hardware errors. Still, you’re getting someone else’s used stuff. Be especially careful on eBay and Craigslist when buying used. Those systems aren’t being tested and something could be wrong with them. GameStop at least has a generous return policy. These open marketplaces don’t really deliver that at all.


If you really want a cheap Xbox One, but you’re nervous about buying used, visit Microsoft’s online retail store. Among the new Xbox One bundles that it sells is the Refurbished Xbox One with Kinect + Free Games bundle. Shoppers who pick up that bundle get a month of Xbox Live Gold, a digital copy of Ryse: Son of Rome, a digital copy of Dance Central Spotlight and a Kinect 2 sensor for $399. The hardware included in this bundle alone is worth $449 new. What’s more, the Xbox One is made by Microsoft. At least you know that you’re buying a used console examined by the company who originally made it and not some third-party.

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Good luck tracking down a cheap Xbox One. Remember, to take your time and examine all of your options. Also be on the lookout for free games and decent discounts on any accessories you think you might need.


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