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Where To Get Cool iPhone 6 Wallpapers



With today being iPhone 6 release day, millions of users around the world are unboxing Apple’s latest smartphone and finding out just how big a screen both devices have. At 4.7-inches in the case of the iPhone 6 and 5.5-inches in the case of the iPhone 6 Plus, there’s a lot of new space for users to tap on the iOS 8 keyboard or watch videos with. If you judge by how much time you’ll spend staring at it, the most important change with these new iPhones is that now there’s more space for you to show off all of your favorite wallpapers on the Home screen – even if you plan on covering it with iPhone apps and app folders.

Here are some great places to get iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus wallpapers from. Each is completely and absolutely free and doesn’t require signing up for a username or service.



Chances are that if you’re looking to download a cool wallpaper somewhere, you aren’t very good at photography – or at the very least don’t have the necessary time or equipment to make it a hobby. Luckily, there’s an entire online community dedicated to smartphone owners and camera aficionados who like taking great photos and sharing them with the rest of the world. That community is called Flickr, and as long as you’re able to get online you can browse through the millions of photos uploaded to the service. Our advice, would be to use the site’s search box to look for pictures on common themes like ‘snow’ or ‘sunshine’. It has a mobile version so you can download those photos from Flickr directly to your new iPhone 6.


Bing for iPhone

Microsoft’s Bing Search engine gets a lot of credit for giving users rewards in exchange for performing every day searches and having travel integration that makes getting airplane tickets a breeze. Surely, more users know it as the search engine that surfaces different pictures on its home page every day. Using the Bing for iPhone App users can scroll through all the images used on Bing’s home page for a time and save them to their iPhone 6 Photos collection. There they can be assigned as iPhone 6 wallpapers. Download the Bing app from the iTunes Store and hit the Share button in the bottom tray. It’s second from the right. Swipe from left to right on the Bing for iPhone app’s home page to browse all the images that are available.

HD Wallpapers Stand


Speaking of the iTunes App Store. Its name is slightly misleading. Every day developers add dozens of things to the App Store that you’d never think were there. Wallpapers are in there too and it’s where you can find the next one for your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

There are hundreds available, but HD Wallpapers does it in the right way. HD Wallpapers is completely free from the iTunes Store. Inside, Wallpapers are sorted by categories based on games, how funny they are, calendars, movies and more. Simply, hitting the download button while looking at any wallpaper on the bottom bar saves it to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6. There are in some in-app advertisements and purchases lurking but HD Wallpapers is still the app to beat.



If Flickr is the one place where everyone goes to post their own photography, DeviantArt is where everyone goes to post any cool picture they create at all. Unlike Flickr, which is very focused on photos, DeviantArt is stuffed full of everything you can possibly think of. Like a specific thing such as Carton Network’s The Adventures of Gumball? There’s more than you can ever hope to find anywhere else. Just plain photos and movie stills are uploaded to the site too. DevaintArt’s images are free for everyone to use.

There’s a mobile website that allows users to save images to their iPhone 6 too.



Sometimes you don’t need the perfect photography to put behind your icons. Sometimes, you something with a few lines of text and maybe some jokes to go along with it. That’s where IMGUR comes in. Many users know if for its reputation for smarmy remarks overlaid on photos. There’s plenty of that, but there are also some cool promotional pictures and other interesting photos on the service too. You can download the images through Safari or the native imgur apps that are available in the iTunes Store.

Your Own Photos

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Of course, there’s another treasure trove that you probably haven’t thought about tapping for a new iPhone 6 wallpaper: your own photos. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have what some regard as the best rear-facing cameras ever put into a smartphone. Take some pictures with the Camera app and then use those as your wallpaper. Better yet, head to your Pictures folder and cycle through some of the pictures you’ve taken over the years. Chances are there is a list one that you wouldn’t mind looking at every day.



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    So far, best wallpaper site for iPhone 6 was for me!

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    10/15/2014 at 1:17 pm for wallpapers just for Apple – recommended!

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    best so far, new everyhour

  7. Herman

    08/06/2015 at 2:44 pm

    One of the best wallpaper or live wallpaper apps is definitely pimp your screen they have thousands of updated designs there also a couple other really good ones as well

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