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Where We Text Message: Bed, Bath and Beyond [Infographic]



Text messaging is one of the most common smartphone activities out there. Given the prevalence of our phones and the integral role they play in our lives, it’s not surprising that we text message in a number of places where phone calls are not only frowned on, but might be cause for removal.

Tatango, a provider of SMS services, took a poll of cell phone users to see where we text message. They found that many of us text in a number of locations that would make our past selves, look on in disbelief.

Where Are You Guilty of Text Messaging Infographic Tatango

Where Are You Guilty of Text Messaging Infographic Tatango

The survey of over 500 Americans found that 39% of us will text in a movie theater and teenage girls are the biggest offenders.

They also found that 70% of us text while at work, not that this is much of a surprise given the acceptance of text messages as a corporate communication tool in many offices. Men, specifically men between 35 and 54 are the biggest offenders.

Dates aren’t safe from text messaging. 33% of men say that they have texted on a date, compared to 30% of women. Perhaps they are texting friends for a background check like on How I Met Your Mother.

This may carry over from the 68% of respondents who reported that they text message at dinner.

Dangerously, nearly half of men admit to texting behind the wheel. Hopefully we can convert some of these texters to Siri users, who can text without typing.

Texting in Bed is also common, with 67% of Americans admitting to texting while under the covers.

Stall Surfing has given way to Stall Texting. 67% of Americans also text while on the toilet. Men are more likely to be texting while in the bathroom, which isn’t that surprising.

Church and funerals aren’t safe from texting, which isn’t surprising. 17% of respondents said that they text at church, and 10% said they have texted at a funeral.

Where do you text from?


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