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Where will Bill Gates be spending his time?



Bill Gates has written a first person article in Fortune going over his transitition decisions, where he wants to spend time in his new part-time role, etc. For those of you wondering who will continue to champion the Tablet PC, it appears that whatever time he does spend at Microsoft in his new part-time role, tablet pcs will continue to be a big part of his focus:

It is kind of a liberating thing that I won’t put in time on the normal review process. But there’s a pretty big piece that I’ll continue to handle in my part-time role, which is brainstorming with research and product groups. I love that part of my work.

Whatever time I do spend, it will be with research guys, or with the tablet guys, or search technology, or other special projects.

It’s pretty neat, because it’s kind of a pure thing. And it will be important that people see I’m keeping very up-to-date on everything. I’ll do that at the foundation too. I’m not going to go buy a bunch of test tubes and start doing protein-folding experiments or anything, but I am going to be looking at how technology can have an impact in health and education and keep learning about health care and how the U.S. and other rich governments can do more things for the rest of the world.

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