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Which one should I keep?



I’m busily trying to wrap up my X41 Video Review and I’m facing an challenging dilemma.

As much I really enjoy having two Tablet PCs and the flexability it provides, pure economics prevents me from keeping both the LS800 and the X41. Because of the work I do here on and my insatiable curiosity to truly experience the mobile computers I write about, I have come to realize that I will cycle through several tablet pcs a year. For the most part, I’m able to pretty much  break-even with the buying / selling of these tablets. Most of the tablet pcs I cycle through, I only keep for a week or so, but a few have managed to have staying power.

So – I’m putting it to you, our readers, to tell me which one I should keep for at least the next 6 months. The X41 or the LS800. Accessory wise, each one matches pretty close: I’ve got extended batteries for each, docking solutions for each, and carrying cases for each. Each one holds well for the type of work I do. Workstyle wise, both fit. Performance wise, I’m happy with both.

Bottomline on both devices: the X41 remains the best convertible I’ve ever used and I’ll likely get the X61 when it comes out later this year. The LS800 is the best slate and I’ve been very happy with the ultraportability of the tablet. Both are light, have extended batteries, and offer compelling solutions for keyboarding through either built-in keyboards or accessories that make it a very simple process. If I had the money, my desire would be to keep both, but Bill Gates hasn’t decided to pass along some of the money he doesn’t like having, so one has to go and one has to stay.

Which one should I keep and why? I’ll make a decision next week based on your feedback.


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