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Which Xbox One Bundles Should You Buy? [Spring 2016]



With the Xbox One, Microsoft bet its future on an all-in-one entertainment center that offered the best in games and media. Despite some marketing changes, that’s exactly what it’s delivered. The Xbox One is a great place to watch movies, play video games and enjoy the latest television shows.

In 2013, there was just a single Xbox One bundle. That original bundle put the focus on the all-in-one entertainment vision. It came with a Kinect sensor, but lacked any games. The sensor was included so that users could watch television and order the console around with their voice and hands. It also included a chat headset.


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Today’s Xbox One bundles have dumped the Chat Headset entirely. They aren’t needed as the console comes with a headset jack built into its wireless controller. The Kinect sensor comes bundled with just a single console. Microsoft made the Kinect sensor optional for developers and users a few years after the console launched.

There’s a wide range of Xbox One bundles available right now. Here’s the information you need to make a decision on which bundle is for you.

Xbox One Bundles: The Differences in Pricing and Features

In the days of the Xbox 360, Microsoft had different designations for its bundles. Back then, each console had features that less expensive versions didn’t. Take Wi-Fi as an example. Some consoles had it, some didn’t.

Microsoft doesn’t have a lot of different designations for Xbox One bundles. That’s because the company is laser focused on meeting the basic expectations of any modern gaming console. Every Xbox One bundle has Wi-Fi and wired network. Every Xbox One bundle has an HDMI port. Every Xbox One has a Blu-Ray drive.

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The only thing that makes most Xbox One bundles different today is the games they come with access to and how much storage they make available to users. Cheaper Xbox One bundles have less storage, whereas more expensive Xbox One bundles have double what buyers of other versions get.

There are two exceptions to this rule though. They are the Xbox One + Kinect Xbox One bundle and the Xbox One Elite bundle. The Kinect bundle has the same amount of storage as entry-level models, but costs more because it has the Kinect sensor in the box still. You’ll want Kinect if you’re into motion gaming or the Xbox One’s TV integration features.

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The Xbox One Elite Bundle has its own distinct hardware features. Inside it is a 1TB hybrid hard drive that allows it to start up faster than other Xbox One consoles. It’s made for gamers who want their Xbox One to completely shut down instead of sleep. Bundled with it is the Xbox One Elite Controller. It’s a battle-tested, more durable version of the regular Xbox One controller. Users can switch out its joysticks and customize which buttons do what actions. On its own, it’d sell for $150.

Xbox One Bundles: What You Have to Choose From

Xbox One Special Edition Quantum Break Bundle – $299

Quantum Break Bundle

For $299, new Xbox One owners can pick up an all-white Xbox One with a matching controller and 500GBs of storage. Also included are digital codes for Quantum Break and Alan Wake. This one is for anyone interested in Quantum Break, starring Shawn Ashmore.

[ Buy the Xbox One Special Edition Quantum Break Bundle from the Microsoft Store for $299 ]

Xbox One Rainbow Six Siege Bundle – $349

rainbow six bundle

The Xbox One Rainbow Six Siege Bundle has 1TB of storage and a copy of Rainbow Six Siege. Also included are codes for Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and Rainbow Six Vegas. Both of these games were originally made for the Xbox 360. More available storage is the key advantage of purchasing this bundle.

[ Buy the Xbox One Rainbow Six Siege Bundle from the Microsoft Store for $349.99 ]

Xbox One Tom Clancy’s The Division Bundle – $349

The Division bundle

Also for those that need more storage, the Tom Clancy’s The Division Bundle offers 1TB of storage and a digital copy of Tom Clancy’s The Division for Xbox One. This one is definitely for the fans of open-world, role-playing games.

[ Buy the Xbox One Tom Clancy’s The Division Bundle from the Microsoft for $349 ]

Xbox One Name Your Game Bundle – $299

name your game bundle

Available for just $299, The Xbox One Name Your Game Bundle comes with just 500GB of storage. That being said, users get to decide on what free digital game they get. Options include Forza 6, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Gears of War Ultimate Edition and Rare Replay.

[ Buy the Xbox One Name Your Game Bundle from the Microsoft Store for $299 ]

Xbox One Spring Bundle – $349

Xbox One Spring Bundle

This Xbox One bundle is definitely for fans of Microsoft’s exclusive games. The 1TB console comes packaged with Halo 5: Guardians, Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Rare Replay and a digital code for Ori and The Blind Forest.

[ Buy the Xbox One Spring Bundle from GameStop for $349.99 ]

Xbox One Elite Bundle – $449

Xbox ONe Elite Bundle

This is that Xbox One bundle with the enhanced controller that we discussed earlier. It doesn’t come with any free games, but does have that hybrid drive for faster start-up times.

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[ Buy the Xbox One Elite Bundle from the Microsoft Store for $449 ]

Xbox One + Kinect Bundle – $349

Xbox One Kinect Bundle

Featuring digital codes for Kinect Sports Rivals, Dance Central Spotlight and Zoo Tycoon, The Xbox One + Kinect Bundle has 500GB of storage and sells for just $349.99. It’s the perfect Xbox One bundle for the entire family.

[ Buy the Xbox One + Kinect Bundle from the Microsoft Store for $349.99 ]

Good luck with your Xbox One bundle purchase this Spring.



  1. Eric Goodman

    12/17/2015 at 5:54 am

    Travis, thank you for the informative and enjoyable post. Just one correction – two of the games in the Holiday Bundle – GOW and Rare Replay are on physical discs (included in the same case) while Ori and the Blind Forrest is the only downloadable. The significance is that they can be traded in if not wanted so essentially the buyer gets an additional discount. I did just that through GS and r4ceived $40 store credit.

    • Travis Pope

      04/21/2016 at 7:35 am

      Hey Eric, thanks for pointing his out.

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