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White iPhone Becomes White Elephant



Apple’s attempts at selling a white iPhone 4 have been, well, more than curious. Lots of white iPhones were in the press room when the iPhone 4 was announced. In fact most of the pictures we saw from that press scrum were of the white iPhone. Then when sales began it was announced that there was a delay until July. Antenna-gate pushed that off of the radar for awhile. Then there was another delay to the end of the year announced. Yesterday, after the white iPhone popped up in the on-line Apple Store, another delay until March 2011 was announced. Now word is circulating that it might not ship at all.

I can’t imagine anyone is still waiting or holding out hope for a white version of the iPhone at this point. No one knows the real reason why the white iPhone is such a problem to manufacture but the latest speculation has to do with the camera and some sort of light leak. Regardless, the white iPhone is turning into a white elephant that I’m sure Apple would have rather never seen the light of day. At some point it either will or will not surface as an alternative to the current model. Either way the white iPhone has become a black eye for Apple.

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