White Nexus 4 Photos Show New Nexus From All Angles
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White Nexus 4 Photos Show New Nexus From All Angles



The white Nexus 4 is real, or at least one pre-production model is.

New photos of the white Nexus 4 appeared online from Vietnamese site tinhte.vn, showing a beautiful looking white Nexus 4 complete with the sparkling back and a striking two-tone design. This full photo set comes after a single photo of the white nexus 4 leaked on Monday.

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Slashgear points to the posting on tinhte.vn where users can take a look at the new Nexus model that might make its way to consumer hands now that Google and LG are finally on top of demand for the Nexus 4.

White Nexus 4 HERO

The white Nexus 4 is real.

The white Nexus 4 keeps the same look as the Nexus 4 available in the Google Play Store, but substitutes a white back and side. Thankfully LG is able to keep the distinctive reflective coating on the back of the Nexus 4.

Unlike the white iPhone 5, the white Nexus 4 shown below keeps a black front which blends well with the screen and provides a sharp-looking two-tone look when viewed from the side.

White Nexus 4 side two-tone

The white Nexus 4 is black on the front and white on the back, with a two-tone look on the side.

Even with the new set of photos, we don’t know if or when Google will release a white Nexus 4. Neither Google or LG have confirmed plans to bring a white Nexus 4 to market.

Tinhte.vn is reliable source for gadget leaks, posting photos and hands on with numerous gadget long before a public release.

The Nexus 4 remains in stock at the Google Play Store in the U.S. after going on sale on Monday around 9:20 Pacific. This is the longest Google has been able to keep the Nexus 4 in stock since the device launched in late 2012.

It’s possible that Google will announce the white Nexus 4 at Google I/O in May, along side a new version of Android  assumed to be Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

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