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Who Has PS4 Consoles? GameStop



The PS4, Sony’s now current generation gaming console that introduces an expanded PlayStation Network for online play and other new features, is once again available at local GameStop retail locations.

GameStop itself announced the availability of the console in a press release of its own today, saying that many of its retail locations in the United States had a “limited supply” of consoles available. That press release also indicated that GameStop had been “working closely” with Sony to get more PS4 units on store shelves to help meet demand. It also indicated that it’s seen the PS4 sell at a “substantial rate.”

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The remarks do seem to confirm what potential buyers looking for a PS4 noted in the last few weeks. Though we’re now safely through the holiday season the PS4 remains impossibly difficult to find in most large cities and towns. That’s a stark contrast to Microsoft’s Xbox One, which is readily available on store shelves for those who want to purchase it.

Whether PS4 stock is tight because of high sales demand or supply mismanagement remains debatable. While the console led total next-generation console sales last year, it fell to second place in sales in the United States, according to sales numbers compiled by NPD Group. Of course, it’s likely that sales were affected by the low stock issue itself.

It’s worth noting that instead of rolling out the PS4 to consumers gradually, Sony choose to launch in nearly all of its target markets last year. Microsoft was forced to abandon 2013 launch plans in most Asian markets, leaving more units for users in the 14 countries it choose to launch in.

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Regardless of what created the shortage, it’s clear that Sony could have another hit on its hands with the PS4 and the ecosystem that it’s building to support it. Sony formally announced PS Now at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. The add-on service will allow PS4 users to play PS3 titles on Sony television sets and the PS4.

Each PS4 includes one DualShock 4 controller, the console itself and special offer codes for Sony’s video and music subscription services at a cost of $399. Buyers will definitely want to call their local GameStop locations to check their stock before heading out.

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1 Comment

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