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Who Is Next In the Tablet PC Chief Evangelist Chair?



Warnerc2Loren Heiny asks a question I’ve been thinking about for sometime now, prompted in part by all the recent coverage of the recent Microsoft Financial Analysts Meeting and Gates’ impending step down. Whether intended or not, it looks like the Bill Gates final tour is starting to pick up steam.

But back to Loren’s question. It is no secret that Tablet PCs and the concept of Natural Human Interface have no greater advocate than Bill Gates himself. And those who pay attention are certainly wondering who will take on that chief evangelist role within Microsoft. It is a question that bears pondering. Loren thinks it might be debatable as to the need for a strong executive champion within the confines of Redmond, given that there is momentum with Tablet PCs in the business and education sectors, as well as some of the strong voices within Microsoft. I disagree and don’t think the point is debatable. I think there does need to be that kind of executive push to keep things moving forward. But then history proves that even with Bill Gates’ passion as a push, Tablet PCs have had a rocky road.

I will agree with this point of Loren’s though. Our work, (those who love and evangelize the platform) is indeed cut out for us. We do need to keep our passion flowing and keep articulating the benefits of the technology.

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