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Who Needs a Super-Duper Smartphone Anyways?



DSC_6736I got to meet up with quite a few fellow geeks during the first day of CES 2010. I’m always interested in seeing what bloggers are carrying with them at CES to work on their feet. A lot of bloggers are carrying various Blackberry smartphones, iPhones and Droids. But not Brad Linder of Liliputing. He’s carrying an old-school Nokia phone and a Dell Axiom to keep track of his appointments. It might not be the most modern pocketable devices, but they do keep him organized and he doesn’t have to worry about charging his phone for several days. And unlike my fancy smartphone, Brad says he can actually place and receive calls whenever he wants.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Nameless

    01/07/2010 at 12:22 am

    I have a dumb phone I’m not fond of at all and am pretty much stuck with. (Specifically, an LG LX350.)

    However, in retrospect, I’d probably be fine with a two-piece solution, seeing as few smartphones could possibly be a replacement for the venerable HP iPAQ hx4700 and that huge 4″ VGA screen. (The HTC HD2 hasn’t had an official US debut yet, and even so, that’s a 2009-in-Europe device, and the hx4700 debuted back in 2004. We should’ve had something like the HD2 AT LEAST two years ago!)

    I’ve even had the absurd notion of pairing a PDA with a smartphone in an ideal scenario with no budget limitations, as redundant as that may sound. For instance, a Treo 650/700p paired with a Samsung Mondi, and keep the two connected with Bluetooth. That way, I have a big screen and such that I can browse the Web and watch video on while NOT being interrupted by phone calls all of a sudden and simultaneously draining my phone’s battery! Plus, if one device runs out of juice, I can look up PIM info on the other.

    Convergence may be the trend nowadays, but it’s not ALWAYS the best solution, depending on one’s needs.

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