Who Wants a Tablet Anyway?

picture-1A few arguments are developing over the upcoming generation of entertainment-focused tablet devices: Are these niche products?   Should we even refer to them as Tablets?   The folks over at Unplggd are asking readers whether an Apple tablet device has mass appeal and true functionality.   The post is summed up with this quote,

“But is such a device enough of a necessity? As popular as netbooks are as a topic online, only a couple of friends use them, with the majority depending upon smart phones and laptops for everyday duty. We’re beginning to suspect a tablet device will follow suit, with plenty of hype, but possibly another Kindle-type niche product with a moderate user base. Even a techophile such as ourselves wonder whether such a device will really add to our lives, or are we just getting caught up in the hype of adding another redundant tech tool into the household, Apple branded or not.”

There is a poll where you can vote, lending your opinion to the new debate.   Life seems pretty good right now without these tablets, but can the iPad and CrunchPad show us how much we’ve been missing?   See their voter turnout here.