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Who’s Going to Carry the Bill Gates Banner for Tablet PCs?



Bill_gates_400Bill Gates is moving on from his job as Chief Software Architect at Microsoft soon. Of course that means Tablet PCs will lose one of their biggest advocates. So, who is going to step up and carry that banner going forward? Goodness knows the platform needs a strong vocal advocate. I’m asking that question after reading a post from Loren Heiny that links to yet another story about Bill Gates’ talking Tablet PCs and education on the stump.

Here’s an excerpt:

“….I’ve got one last thing to show, and I previewed this earlier, and that’s related to the student Tablet. To me this is an important milestone, and Microsoft has been investing in this for a long time. We see lots of ways that we’re going to drive this into the mainstream. In fact, my own daughter goes to a school where she uses a Tablet PC, and it’s phenomenal to see how comfortable she is, how she learns better. She tries out her knowledge, she communicates with her teacher in a new way. It is completely digital. The Internet is there, the ability to create things is there.”

As Loren says it is more than heartening to read comments like that from Bill, but it sure makes one wonder who is going to be pushing that case from here on out.

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