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Why Apple Should Announce A 128GB iPad 3



Of all the leaked information and swirling rumors around the iPad 3 / iPad HD, one I don’t see gaining a lot of traction is the possibility of a 128GB version of the tablet. The idea pops up every now and then, usually right before an iPad launch, but never comes to anything.

It’s probably more wishful thinking than based on anything solid.

An iPad with such large capacity might not make much sense right now, but tomorrow it might. If Apple announces 1080p iTunes video and a Retina Display for the iPad, people will have much larger video files to load onto their new tablets.

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iPad 3 or iPad HD

The photo above shows what may be the iPad 3 or iPad HD, with a home button.

It’s true that users can store these videos in iCloud, but users will also want to keep them locally so they can watch even without an Internet connection.

If the iPad 3’s rear-facing camera is as much of an upgrade as everyone is speculating, then users will take advantage of it more. Plus, it’s perfect for quickly offloading images and video from full fledged cameras. The iPad is a pretty capable mobile photography and video studio with the update to Photoshop Touch and iMovie.

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Apps themselves are getting bigger, especially games. With a Retina Display on board, devs may go all out to create visuals worthy of an HD screen, which means even larger files.

More video, photos, apps and data means more space, please.

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A 128GB iPad HD would cater to these power users and could make it easier for people to use the tablet as their only computing device or a reasonable laptop backup.

Would you buy a 128GB iPad HD?



  1. Robert Blum

    03/06/2012 at 11:14 am


    Won’t happen, though, because of the price and heat dissipation of the chips.

    More likely that a new Apple TV 3 will allow streaming to the iPad as a substitute for iTunes on the Mac/PC.  Neat idea, too, but probably won’t happen.

  2. John

    03/08/2012 at 7:03 am

    I want buy a ipad with 128 GB, but i don´t think will be this year.. Why 128Gb?? Easy, more Space for put pictures,videos,games, apps, books, music,etc without concern for space.. Because if apple do a ipad with 8GB but then you have extra external storage (MSD,SD) for put more memory, the history was other..

  3. Strkilla

    09/18/2012 at 10:31 am


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