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Why I Bought the 16gb iPad mini With LTE



I bought the iPad mini with 4G LTE on Verizon wireless and plan to use it as my primary mobile tablet for work thanks to the Verizon Share Everything Plan.

While I normally recommend buying a 32GB or larger iPad, I purchased a 16GB iPad mini because I plan to use it as a second iPad, one I use primarily when I am on-the-go. I decided it is wiser to spend the extra $100 on a 4G LTE data connection than on 16GB of extra storage.

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Here’s why I purchased the 16GB iPad mini with 4G LTE and how I plan to use it.

iPad Mini iphone ipad

Where the iPad mini fits in my mobile gadget bag.

Carrying the full size iPad is a commitment, especially if I don’t plan to take a bag. While it fits in the pocket of ScotteVest jackets, the smaller iPad mini’s smaller footprint means it is easier to take wherever I go.

Even though I step away from the computer around 5:30 most days, I need to read and edit posts from GottaBeMobile team members and the iPhone 5 screen is too small for editing long posts. When I find myself away from the computer I often want to work on posts, and the larger 7.9-inch display provides a larger keyboard for better mobile productivity.

iPad mini vs ipad

The iPad mini is more portable than the iPad 4th gen.

Productivity increases with a good keyboard, and the ZAGGKeys Flex keyboard will add that when I plan to work on the iPad. This setup won’t replace my MacBook Air, or an Ultrabook convertible, but it will allow me to be ready to write without lugging a notebook around and worrying about battery life.

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I chose the 4G LTE model for two reasons. The first is for connectivity wherever I am without the need to drain my phone’s personal hotspot. while most places I end up working offer WiFi, the ability to connect no matter what is important to me.

I also plan to use the iPad mini as a personal hotspot when I need to work from a notebook in a car or on-the-go. The iPad WiFi + Cellular lasts 24 hours as a hotspot, and I am hopeful the iPad mini with 4G LTE will last hours longer than my iPhone 5 or Galaxy Nexus, and it won’t leave me without the ability to make phone calls. The 4G LTE connection is faster than my home internet connection.

With 4G LTE connectivity I am able to stream music and entertainment which I would otherwise want to download to my iPad. iPad games take up a lot of storage space, but with the A5 processor I plan to keep my gaming to a minimum on the iPad mini.

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Users on the Verizon Share Everything plan can add the iPad mini for $10 a month, including use as a personal hotspot at no extra charge. AT&T Mobile Share users can do the same.

The iPad mini with 4G LTE may not earn a spot in every users’ gadget list, but it looks like it will fill a hole I hope the Nexus 7 would have.

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  1. Best iphone5 Case

    11/02/2012 at 10:08 pm

    I also love have ipad mini

  2. john

    11/08/2012 at 4:37 pm

    i agree. Ipad mini LTE makes difference. Not many tablet supports LTE, and if they do, they are not cheap.

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