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Why I love In-Flight WiFi Even Though I’m on a Couch



I am in love with in flight WiFi.

But, unlike many of the reviews of in flight WiFi, I’m not on a plane, or even planning to travel.

I’m sitting on my couch, completely enamored with In-Flight WiFi from GoGo.

Why is in flight WiFi so great for someone who is sitting on a couch in flyover country?

Simple. K. T. Bradford is on a cross-country flight to test the battery limits of the HP Elitebook 8460p, which she hopes will last an impressive 32 hours.

During her 5 and a half hour flight I have been able to not only keep in touch with her about what she is working on, but  also count on her to keep working on new content for and GottaBeMobile.

As team leader who doesn’t travel much, I love that I can count on being connected to all of our team members even when they are traveling.

You might think that this kind of connectivity would annoy employees, who previously would have enjoyed 5 hours of downtime, but the connectivity prevents catching up and scrambling to respond to emails and work when she lands.

If you are in charge of IT or travel at a company where employees frequently travel, you should invest in a corporate plan or make sure that employees know how to use in-flight WiFi and that the company wil pay for it.

You cannot use video chat, but you can send and receive email and text chat programs work great as well.

You can read K. T.’s previous Delta in-Flight WiFi review, where she has the following to say about the slow, but mostly reliable service.

In the end, in-flight Wi-Fi is good for doing simple things on the web — surfing, reading blogs, getting some work done, etc. If you try to use it for entertainment purposes, you’ll likely not feel that your money was well-spent. Makes me wonder what will happen when the in-flight entertainment options consist only of what you can stream online.

Do you use WiFi when you fly? Does your company cover the cost of using it, or are you on your own?



  1. Tyler

    03/15/2012 at 3:06 pm

    Here’s the future of in-flight entertainment — MondoWindow:
    Online, location-based, personalized, and profitable.

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