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Why My Personal Assistance Service only Costs $10 Per Month



I’m a big fan of MyAssist, a virtual personal assistance service that’s saved me countless hours over the past year. I’ve raved about MyAssist (review here), which has helped me plan vacations, my wedding anniversary, shop for gifts and track down hard to find items. When I tell people about this wonderful service, the most common reaction is something along the lines of: “That sounds awesome, but I’m not rich.” They’re then surprised when I tell them that I’m not either and that I have an army of personal assistants on call for just $10 per month.

MyAssist offers a heck of a lot more value to my life than other $10 per month subscriptions, such as Netflix or my Showtime subscription. Instead of helping me waste hours of my life in front of a TV, MyAssist saves me countless hours per month.

I just got back from a very hectic four days in Chicago to celebrate my wife’s birthday and our friends’ wedding. MyAssist made our car rental reservation, booked our hotel room, suggested some sights for us to check out, snuck a dozen roses and chocolates into our hotel room before we arrived and found table at a top-notch Italian restaurant after our original dinner plans fell through. You’d have to pay me a lot more than $10 to do all that.

How can MyAssist be only $10 a month?

Here’s the official answer from James Flavell, senior vice president of MyAssist :

“Everything we do at MyAssist is driven by our deep commitment to take care of people. Our goal is to make high-quality personal assistance available and affordable to the every-day person, which is why the price point for MyAssist is under $10 per month. We’ve strategically created a business model that leverages technology to gain efficiencies and resource sharing – where a large pool of customers all pay the same amount, but do not use the service in the same way. We have customers who use the service every day and others who use it once a week – but both sets of customers are equally happy with the service. Our resource sharing model also includes customers from our B2B partnerships, where we provide VPA or concierge services for automobile manufactures, hotels, airlines and healthcare providers.  As MyAssist evolves, we will offer customized pricing levels to match the utilization requirements of all types of customers.”

In other words, MyAssist wasn’t built from the ground up as a $10 per month service. There are a lot of bigger companies paying big bucks to offer similar services under their own brand names. Have a fancy credit card, fly million miles a year  or own a luxury car? Then you might actually be talking to the same people as MyAssist customers.

If you have a hectic schedule or just want to eliminate some of the hassles from your life, I highly recommend taking MyAssist’s free 30-day trial for a spin. MyAssist provides apps for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android devices so you can submit requests from anywhere.

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